Experience Counts

Kellye has a message for all who seek the services of a professional electrical firm. “For whatever reasons, it seems many are willing to accept a ‘we will get there’ standard of service these days. There are even those who take shortcuts when it comes to safety and quality controls just to meet a deadline or budget or both. Frankly, I think it is outrageous and it has never been my practice and never will be an acceptable practice at Caliber. We will meet our deadlines, provide quality skilled trades, stay within budget, and deliver a product and service of the highest standard in a worker safe environment. Is there another way to do something than the right way? Not at Caliber Solutions. Not yesterday, not today and never tomorrow. "

WBE Certified

Kellye’s company warrants the WBE (Woman-Owned Business Enterprise) certification. Kellye however is quick to point out to all interested parties, “If you want to think of us as a ‘minority’ owned and operated business for compliance purposes, that’s fine. But recognize the minority that we truly represent. It’s the minority occupied by those who are totally committed to doing things right, on time, within budget and with safety as our guide.”